101 Guide to Meditation

Adora Winquist
5 min readNov 19, 2022

Meditation is in its simplest form, the art of being, listening and attuning yourself to the benevolent forces of the Earth, the cosmos, the presence of spirit within you. Meditation in its ranging forms and practices connects us to our innate intuition and soul guidance. The consistent cultivation of this practice invites us to explore and re-establish a deep sense of connection with ourselves to listen more attentively to our bodies, balance our emotional responses and calm our overactive monkey minds.

Meditation allows us to explore our emotional triggers and habitual responses. It is through this practice we can visualize healthier ways of thinking, feeling, and increased emotional resilience. When we allow our body and mind to quiet, we can untangle our thought patterns and renew mental clarity. From the esoteric perspective, meditation invites us to open and receive a greater connection to our own divine light, commune with our inner mystic and align with our authentic truth.

Spiritually, meditation allows our energy and auric field to easily align and ground with the Earth. It’s here that we can find stillness in the chaotic world around us. Physical and emotional benefits are plentiful. Meditation calms the mind and offers greater mental clarity. It invites our authentic truth to emerge through the quietude, honoring our primary sacred relationship, that with ourselves. Harnessing our thoughts and emotions creates empowered decisions.

Our thoughts and in particular our emotions create a chain reaction from the brain and nervous system to molecular and chemical reactions in the body. Meditation also allows the opportunity to feel our physical discomfort and pain without denying or suppressing it. There is a profound presence that can be found in stillness.

My favorite method is guided meditations which include visualizations to facilitate my intention anchoring into my mind, body and consciousness. When I am not facilitating these types of meditations, I have a few sources on Youtube I practice with.

I also like walking meditation. Movement is so critical to our overall health and well being. Walking in the woods or on the beach in silence and solitude is a time honored meditation practice that can easily suit a busy schedule.

Meditation is best practiced in the morning upon waking or in the evening prior to retiring. The mind-body connection is incredibly accessible at these times of the day and it creates a…

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