6 Reasons Why A Retreat Is Essential To You In 2022

Adora Winquist
6 min readMay 4, 2022


2022 brings the long awaited return to celebration, community and connectedness. The synchronistic numerology of this year brings the number 2 in plenty and the number 6 in whole. This is a year of abundance bringing harmony to relationships, social groups and communities small and large. We are called to retreat and replenish to truly advance along our own path of self mastery.

We are guided to build our lives differently, more intentionally as the earth continues to evolve and awaken, we too are invited to bask in the auspicious nature of new possibilities: greater levels of vibrant health and energy, deeper connection to our mystical and spiritual wisdom, expanded experiences of abundance, prosperity and creativity.

Deep inside of you, there is a knowing, a voice of wisdom that is ready to steer you on a path of expansion and a deeper expression of your soul’s truth and wisdom. It is beckoning you to RISE!

Here are 6 reasons why a retreat is essential to YOU in 2022:


Zoom fatigue, home school, home offices and a varied number of additional life stressors have left many of us feeling stuck, overwhelmed and with elements of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and feeling a sense of listlessness, frustration and dissatisfaction. When we are inspired we are engaged with life, we are aligned with the flow of universal energy and filled with ideas and the vision to materialize them.

Reignite your passion, purpose and inspiration and celebrate the beauty of life in all of its forms. Immerse yourself in creativity and connections to awaken the joie de vivre, the joy of life, that exists innately within you!


When was the last time you sang, danced and laughed with others of like mind in community? We long to share the stories of our life journey with…



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