Calling Back Your Power

Adora Winquist
6 min readSep 11, 2022

Today’s meditation is on calling back your power. In this meditation, we are going to be working with the alchemy of lemon essential oil and gomed from the mineral kingdom. These are two very potent aspects of alchemy that will help us break up any patterns of disempowerment that are held through the auric field, cellular consciousness, as well as DNA. This allows us to fully express our soul purpose, divine light, highest truth, and bodily freedom that is our birthright as divine beings of light.

For those of you joining me for the first time, DNA level healing is a tremendous passion of mine because this is how we can experience quantum levels of healing and alchemy, to be able to transform not just this moment, but our entire past generation and everything we’ve carried through our heritage. Doing this allows us to create a brand new future for ourselves.

Essential Oil Alchemy

Lemon medicine is one of liberation. It is cleansing, invigorating and purifying. Lemon is wonderful to come into our energy consciousness and cellular consciousness to break up any calcifications of distorted energy and old patterns or templates of limitation and constriction. You can make a spray mist to clear the frequency at your home to ensure a high vibe environment. From a physiological perspective, it’s a wonderful oil for lymphatic drainage, circulation, digestion, clarity, and memory. It is a very versatile oil. If you don’t have the essential oil, you can always slice an organic and add it to your water or salad. There are many ways to incorporate this potent alchemy and vibration into your space.

Crystal Alchemy

Gomed is a crystal from the mineral kingdom. Gomed is an ally for our power center. It helps with clearing through the solar plexus, as this is an area that can tend to hold a tangled energy of power struggles. Any place or pattern of disempowerment does get imprinted in this energy vortex, and of course, holographically through the auric field and through the cellular consciousness and DNA.


To get started, place a drop of any essential oil that you have on your left palm, as the left palm receives a higher frequency. Take a deep breath in, opening up your auric field, chakras, meridian points, and smaller vortexes through your body. Your cellular consciousness opens to receive the full gamut of healing from this meditation. You are opening a new circuit of light within the brain, as well as…

Adora Winquist

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