Calling in your Allies

Adora Winquist
6 min readSep 3, 2022

We are incredible divine beings of light, and the spark of divinity and sovereignty is within each of us. In this meditation we will call in these aspects and support from both the physical and non-physical realm because ultimately, the universe and all great beings of light that are held within it are conspiring to give us the best support, nurturance, and reminder that all we have to do is be open to receiving the goodness that is all around us in each moment.

When thinking of the juncture of time and space that we are presently in, this time of great shift on the planet, it is important to expand out of the third dimensional construct, which holds the maya or illusion of separation and isolation. Maintaining the illusion of separation and isolation not only keeps us separate, but also controlled and held in a position of disempowerment. When we expand into a multi-dimensional perspective, it gives us the ability to broaden our awareness and call in all levels of support physically in this world. This can be through friendships, resources, material abundance, or relationships that truly nurture us, where we feel completely and authentically seen, understood, and loved allowing us to shine in our biggest brightest way.

As with all of my meditations, I will highlight an aspect of plant medicine, from the essential oil realm, and an aspect of the crystal or mineral kingdom because they have such beautiful synergy in their vibrational pattern and resonance. These help us clear, repair, activate, and bring wholeness and awakening to all the different aspects of our being from the auric field, holographically through our cellular consciousness, and the DNA level of our mother and father bloodlines, which is the focus of my work. If you don’t have an essential oil or crystal that is ok because we will invoke the cosmic consciousness and vital life force of both alchemical interventions.


The alchemy of Ginger Lily absolute is rich with alchemy. Its aroma connotes citrus, spice, a bit of mustiness intertwined with the complex layers of floral heaven. Ginger Lily is an oil of Eden. It activates the ancient memory and Divine plan for Heaven upon the Earth and paves the way for our highest potentials to unfold with the perfected blueprint for humankind. It is a powerful oil that really brings us deeply into our heart space, into that zero point field of limitless creative potential and then pulsates outward around us spherically, raising our vibration to anchor…

Adora Winquist

Essential Oil Formulator. Innovator in Aromatherapy & Vibrational Medicine. Author. Speaker. Founder of the Soul Institute for Quantum Living 💜