Energy Upgrade Meditation

Adora Winquist
6 min readJul 31, 2022


Tonight we will work with beautiful quartz crystals. It is one of my favorites because it has such a clear vibration and it’s wonderful for everything from accelerating our spiritual growth, to enhancing meditation, and deepening our process of letting go.

In fact, it reminded me of one of my very first crystal grids. It had six pieces of single terminated quartz. To make one, you create a pyramid in a sense, you put one crystal in front of you with the point facing in and then one each behind your left and your right hip, while sitting Indian style. So you’re creating a pyramid with the apex in front of you. You take one and point it to your back and then two up in front of your hip. So you’re really kind of sitting inside this Merkaba. The beauty is that the quartz does not have to be big at all. This is a great accelerator also for your intention.

This grid helps to accelerate the momentum, the frequency and the materialization of your intentional practice. And of course, if you just have one crystal, that’s also perfect.


Cardamom and Ginger are our alchemical oils for the evening. These came to me in a dream last weekend when I was told that these would be the two oils that we would talk about, although I was not exactly sure how we would use them. It took a few days for that to become more clear because they have so many uses, but cardamom is beautiful to open up the crown chakra. And when we’re talking about giving ourselves an energy upgrade, a really pure energy upgrade, opening the crown is one of the first places that we want to bring that vibration and expansion.

Ginger, which comes from the rhizome is a very earthy grounding essential oil. It’s also very nourishing. And so really expands the energy and the vortices at the soles of the feet, those chakras there, as well as the root chakra. To open that up and allow the infinite amount of energy to come down and ground through to the earth. It’s okay if you don’t have these oils because we’re going to be invoking the cosmic consciousness and vital life force and anchoring that in our physical and non-physical bodies.


Take a deep breath in, bringing your attention and intention to the dantien point. From the very center of your dantien and drop the golden line of light.

Down through the root down, through the legs, out the soles and all three lines of light…

Adora Winquist

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