Healing the Womb of Creation

Adora Winquist
7 min readAug 21, 2022

The guidance for today’s meditation on healing the womb of creation evoked a place of curiosity within me. What does that look like? I started to see points of connectivity where we would begin with our own wombs for healing, bringing cleansing, purification and light into that area of our body. From there we will bring that healing light into our ovaries, whether or not we have them physically because those are portals for accessing the mother and father bloodlines of our DNA to clear all of the past imprints that are held within this area of our bodies and beings. We will then journey to connect into the womb of the earth with a cleansing and purification of that vortex and with that a realignment. Lastly, we will make the point of connection to the womb of cosmic consciousness. Then there will be a very potent clearing and realignment from all 3 perspectives.


Let’s explore the two forms of alchemy with the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom that we will work with tonight.

Pearl medicine is our mineral alchemy of the day. They don’t have to be the super fancy expensive kind, and you can be wearing them or you could just hold them. Or as in every group, we will invoke the cosmic consciousness, so we will still be able to experience the potency of their healing. This is such powerful medicine because pearl represents our feminine creative potential and because of its origin, it’s deeply connected to the water element, as well as emotional cleansing and purification.

Pearl is most known for its ability to balance the emotional body and to bring peace, calm and clearing and also to heal the sacral chakra and the energy of the womb because it emanates such beautiful feminine vibrations. For those of us who have lived any or much of our lives with a predisposition to rely on our masculine nature, and myself certainly being one of them, pearl is a wonderful mineral to work with to reestablish the original intent for the feminine archetype and the feminine creative life force.

Pearl also helps to restore harmony to the mother bloodline and the relationships that we have with our mothers. It helps to bring healing all the way through from our one personal perspective in the moment to relationship with our mother and then all the way through the bloodline. Because of its unique formation, it also helps us to move into each of the ovaries and to bring the beautiful pearlescent ray of light into each of those temples…

Adora Winquist

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