Honoring The Light Within

Adora Winquist
4 min readAug 4, 2022

Oftentimes we enter a place of being self-critical, of self-judgment, and of trying to define places of perfection within because we’re always looking for that divine perfection or perfect love.

For our meditation around the subject of honoring the light within, we’ll be working with the following two alchemical interventions. As always in our meditations, it’s perfectly ok if you don’t have the essential oils or crystals that I speak about or even any essential oils or crystals at all because we’ll be calling in and working with the vital life force and cosmic consciousness of each.

I will say however if you do have a crystal or essential oil at your disposal, I invite you to grab those before going into meditation as they will help you to anchor and create the new circuit and the new memory cell for this journey.


Diamond is really beautiful for cleansing and purification, and supporting us to reconnect with the places of brightness, illumination and that spark of light that’s held within each and every cell.


Frankincense is a beautiful sacred oil that has a way for us to awaken to the remembrance of our divine light, and to help us breathe in that memory into our cellular consciousness and create a bridge if you will.

If you’ve ever smelled true frankincense, it has the ability of awakening divine consciousness within, and once you’ve inhaled it, that bridge or that portal or that connection is always there. It’s always holding a place of invitation for us to come back to that threshold of the sacred, the holy of holies, and the divine consciousness.


Take a deep breath in and invite in the clarity of your intention.

On your next breath in, bring your focus, your intention, and attention to the dantien point; about an inch and a half below your navel.

Let this energy begin to percolate in the dantien and then let it sink down through the root chakra, down through the legs, the soles of the feet, those three lines of light meeting at the earth crust chakra., Then sinking deep down into the nurturing safety and serenity of Mother Earth.

Invite that frequency that is unique to you to merge and meld with the core crystal of Mother Gaia, to dance in the great light of nurturing abundance that is present and held sacred there.



Adora Winquist

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