Making Room for Greatness in Your Life

Adora Winquist
3 min readJan 6

What do you think of when you hear the word great? Is your first impression positive as It’s a great day, filled with benevolence? Do you sense the greatness of who you are and the magnificence of who you are becoming? Or do you think and feel first of the great chaos in the world, in your life, or the great to-do list on your fridge or desk?

What does it mean to claim your greatness and to live your life from that expansive, receptive perspective? AND how is that possible when you feel the weight of the world on top of the weight of the past bearing down?

In one word: RELEASE. It’s through letting go of the limitation from the past, present and our conceptions about what’s possible for the future. By releasing our old limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotional patterns, we clear the way for greater abundance, clarity, joy, vibrancy, vitality, creativity and so much more to enrich our lives.

In each and every moment, we’re evolving. We’re iterating to new expressions of our authentic self, our authentic truth, divinity, sovereignty and abundance that is our birthright. To fully embody those qualities, energies and characteristics, especially the higher frequencies that are coming in, we have to release those that do not serve us.

A while back, I had a conversation with a journalist in India and we were talking about psychic skills related to the chakras. It was so poignant to me that there are energies pulling us in every direction — media, environmental concerns, global concerns, political concerns, community happenings, the states of our individual countries that make it so easy to lose balance. How do we find that place of centeredness? How do we make ourselves unshakeable based on what’s happening around us?

This is one of the reasons that we come together. We come together to align, lean into each other and remember how bright, beautiful and powerful we are. When we come together, let go and invite in our higher levels of consciousness, we invite in our higher levels of authentic truth. Liberating ourselves shifts the continuum of everything around us.

We can’t expect to see anything different around us in any capacity until it begins to shift in our internal landscape. We first must offer an intention for release. To surrender. To let go.

To be able to create this new earth and embody, receive and emanate these higher frequencies of unity consciousness is…

Adora Winquist

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