My Journey to Sourcing the Highest Vibrational Aromatics

Adora Winquist
4 min readNov 11, 2022

I began my study of medicinal plants and esoteric philosophy at the age of 18 after having a mystical awakening with a local shaman in the foothills of Northern California. As someone who always felt the most at home in nature, I began to hear the flowers and trees communicating with me in new ways. The study of vibrations and healing properties of scents, sounds and colors continued to draw me deeper into this mystical realm.

After healing my own chronic and acute bronchial challenges with herbs (this formula can be found in my DNA book), I began making teas and tinctures for anyone who was under the weather and willing to attempt one of my ‘concoctions.’ Not long after, I found essential oils and knew with certainty that they would be an integral part of my future.

In truth, my initial findings of what I believed to be an essential oil were actually fragrance oils — synthetics created in a lab. Pleasant, and with their own history of aromachology, I was shocked as these oils were sold as pure essential oils. My search continued.

Next, I found a line of ‘essential oils’ in a local health food store. I was excited to have found the ‘real deal’ as they smelled remarkably different than the last oils I had purchased under the guise of purity. I was again surprised when I found another essential oil company, which claimed to be even more reputable. In fact, it was aromatically apparent that these essential oils were far better quality than what I had previously experienced. Their aromas was clear, full, and complex. It was incredibly confusing to see how each company would label & market their products as ‘pure and natural.’

My search and experimentation continued with each new brand. With every essential oil and each company, I refined my own lexicon of quality. Developing my organoleptic sense of smell, touch, sight and after taste led me to build a process of discernment and intuitive, intimate relationships with the plants. This is an invaluable part of the educational journey.

Educational journey

I then sought out leaders and education in the field. Craving more formal education, I traveled to India and Egypt to experience the plants in their alchemical continuum of growth, harvest & distillation as well as the rich esoteric history of plant…

Adora Winquist

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