Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Adora Winquist
4 min readMar 2

“New Year’s Resolutions Mistakes That Sabotage Sustainable Weight Loss”

Adora sits down with Vitamin Shoppe Part I


Q: First things first: CAN ‘lose weight’ be an achievable and realistic goal?

A: I think that we ultimately want to FEEL BETTER: better about ourselves, our bodies, our energy, our mood and our clarity. The concept and idea of “losing weight” focuses on the symptom, not the solution. To feel better, we need to revolutionize how we view our practices on self care and self love. I believe that all change first starts with an invitation. What do you want to invite in for your greater holistic health and well being in this moment as well as this year? Start general. That way neither the body or mind can put up a wall of resistance to change, which is sometimes a natural psychological response.

“I invite in the full expression of my most vibrant, healthy body and being.”

Then, form your intention. Keep this intention fluid and expansive by refraining from a time or weight deadline or goal. Sometimes our greatest vitality comes more from weight distribution and increasing muscle mass than from weight loss. Creating a consistent habit practice with this intention and healthy, balanced nutritional and exercise choices will foster positive momentum. Adding an affirmation and a pure essential oil like lemon or black pepper will anchor this intention in your brain and cellular consciousness to enhance this system within your mind-body connections.

“I give myself permission to be healthy and whole physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Q: What are some other re-framing and re-phrasing that someone might use instead of “lose weight” that could help them achieve weight loss through a happy side-effect?

A: I would ultimately rephrase this to a holistic goal of feeling better and honoring the body as a temple. Our bodies navigate our desires for life and creative expression. They are our conduits for joy, pleasure and harmony. Ultimately in our highest alignment, they allow us to activate our soul purpose on this planet. We only have one body and with it the responsibility to optimize its health, vitality and performance. When we create the conditions emotionally, mentally and and of course physically, weight loss, fitness, strength and vibrancy come naturally.

Adora Winquist

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