Recrafting Your Story

Adora Winquist
7 min readJul 23, 2022

Recrafting your story is different from rewriting your story because we don’t need to rewrite history. It was there for a purpose and as a teacher for us to gain greater life experience, discernment and to know about contrast so that we can take the wisdom and extrapolate that from all of the experience. This helps us evolve not only from the perspective of our consciousness, but also from our emotional bandwidth, emotional intelligence, and our ability to create from the perspective of effortless intention and zero point field in the center of our heart.

What parts of your story continue to hold you in a pattern of limitation and dysfunction? What gold is there for you to be able to dive in and transmute to a greater understanding of self? This is the invitation: one of recrafting your story to one of sheer brilliant empowerment. This is the overlighting intention for our meditation today.

When we think of our old story, which has aspects of limitation, it is really from a dualistic nature and of the third dimensional reality. We’ve been doing this work together for the past year to clear and open ourselves, so we can expand all of those aspects of our being that are ready. Those aspects that are calling out give us the opportunity to move into this more multifaceted or multi-dimensional experience of our reality, where we know that we are the co-creators and the sculptors of everything that we experience and long to create from our soul perspective.


Blood orange medicine is incredibly beautiful and filled with uplifting life force and Joie de vivre. This is a wonderful oil to come into any places where there has been heaviness from our past and transmute them to places of joy and the expansion of our light. Once we allow ourselves to feel into the soft pain of the past we are able to open up and clear the energy or trauma block. Then that frozen energy, quintessence and life force bubbles to the surface and fills the entire auric field, holographically down through our cellular consciousness, and down through the level of the DNA. When we view ourselves as sculptors, we can re-craft those aspects of our old story and then sculpting them in a new way that’s filled with joy, vibrancy, empowerment, and infinite possibility.


Honey calcite medicine is potent healing for solar plexus chakra, which represents how we carve our niche in the world. Honey calcite healing for aspects of our child…

Adora Winquist

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