Spring Into Vibrancy

Adora Winquist
3 min readJun 8, 2022


As we approach Spring, I am inspired by the theme of vibrancy. As beings of infinite light and creative potential, we have the ability to embrace and expand our vibrancy in each moment.

Our vibrancy can emanate through our light, through our life force, our creativity, our vitality, our beauty, our effervescence, our abundance, our laughter, our sensuality as well as our ability to magnetize the longings that are held deep within our soul.

I invite you to call in vibrancy in all of its forms, facets and glory to each and every desire you wish to actualize this season.

The Infinity symbol, a potent alchemical form of sacred geometry has been my muse for well over two decades now. I am continually inspired by the expansive divine knowledge it continues to impart to me through my work.

At a primary level, it is reflective of the microcosm and the macrocosm and how the infinite nature of the cosmos exists within us as well as beyond us. When we intend to shift our consciousness at quantum levels, we must address both the pathways of our physicality and our psycho-spiritual nature for sustainable healing. How we care for our body temple is just as important as how we care for our emotions, thoughts and our belief systems.

Here is a ritual for both. May it bring an infusion of vibrant expression to all your intentions for this coming Spring.


You will need:

Sit comfortably and apply one drop each of lemon and carrot seed to the palm of your left hand and breathe in deeply for 30 seconds while inviting in the clarity of your intention to live your most vibrant life. Invite the spirit of these sacred plants to magnetize your intention as consider expanding the vibrancy of your health, beauty, abundance, creativity and joy. Write these intentions on your paper and infuse them with your love.



Adora Winquist

Essential Oil Formulator. Innovator in Aromatherapy & Vibrational Medicine. Author. Speaker. Founder of the Soul Institute for Quantum Living 💜