The Inspiration behind the Elixers 4 Quantum Living

Adora Winquist
11 min readJul 20, 2022

Q: How did you get interested in alchemy and which aromas do you personally consider to be the most appealing?

A: Even as a young child, I was drawn to nature. It provided solace and comfort to my sensitive spirit that empathically felt much of the family disharmony in my early childhood years. The natural world called to me, with its beautiful colors, aromas, creatures, stones, and other aspects of the elements, especially water. I found I could communicate and connect deeply with the stones and plants, and I preferred to be outdoors as much as possible. I am still that way.

I remember times, before I had even turned ten years old, and it was chore time after dinner. I would excuse myself to the bathroom to avoid cleanup and would instead spend long periods of time mixing my mothers expensive creams, perfumes and powders. Of course I had no idea that this was a mapping point of my future.

Later in life when I left home for the first time at 19, I found myself very sick with a twice yearly bout of bronchitis. I had no health insurance and very little money, yet I had heard of the healing power of herbs. I went and purchased a book and 5 different herbs like hyssop and thyme and went home to make herbal tea. My bronchitis healed more quickly than any time I had taken allopathic medicine, and to this day, I have not had it again. I started making teas and tinctures, and then I found essential oils. It was as if passion and memory of these natural oils were awakened simultaneously within me.

In the mid 1990’s I began a more formal study of my two passions: plant and vibrational medicine. It wasn’t long after that I started a healing practice and my first natural products company, Rhiamon Energy Essentials. My early product ideas were in response to friends and clients asking for help with specific physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. Suddenly I had a product line.

Further personal health challenges with endometriosis deepened my study, practice and desire to heal and then share my knowledge with those who were suffering or challenged in a similar way. I would say that was the case with other aspects of my personal healing journey, including my struggle with depression and anxiety. This is why many of my formulations address mood and our emotional aspects of being. Our feeling response is intrinsically linked to our health, success and harmony in every relationship we have in life.

Adora Winquist

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