What is Modern Alchemy?

Adora Winquist
3 min readApr 19, 2022

My embodiment of modern alchemy is a synergy of 3 pillars that anchor the universal truth and the creative potential of the triad: Esoteric philosophy (personal evolutionary triad), psycho-spiritual dynamics (higher self, lower self, mask), plant and vibrational medicine.

These core philosophies are then intertwined to form modern interventions for ancient remedies that create greater health and harmony within the mind-body and soul connection.

In our collective longing to evolve, we have the desire to open and access the ancient wisdom and divine knowledge within ourselves in manners that are both practical, accessible and yet profound.

You are being called back into connection and harmony with the Earth, yourself and each other.

You are invited to remember that there are alternative ways to source great balance, wellbeing and vitality in your lives.

Essential oils, crystals and other aspects of the natural world are at your fingertips to offer relief from the stress and challenges of daily life. AND SO MUCH MORE

Practices like meditation elicit calm, clarity and strength. They invite the light of Divine consciousness to places inside that are craving communion. It is here that we can bring healing to the places and patterns of limitation within us set us free to express the highest version of ourselves and the great potential that exists within.

Every moment of your life has brought you perfectly here in an incredibly imperfect way to remind you: Your soul work is truly your sole work.

At this pinnacle of awakening on our Earth, we have a unique opportunity to harness our vital life force and our positive intentions and quantum leap along our sacred spiral of remembrance.

As the microcosm of the macrocosm, all the energies rising upon our Earth now to be transmuted are also rising within us to be set free.

In order to embody & emanate high vibrational light frequency, we are called to cleanse, purify & transmute all the beliefs, images, thoughts, emotions & energies that no longer serve the truth of who we are.

It is a process of excavation, of surrender, of letting go and opening in new, vulnerable ways.

Adora Winquist

Essential Oil Formulator. Innovator in Aromatherapy & Vibrational Medicine. Author. Speaker. Founder of the Soul Institute for Quantum Living 💜